Brad Neff Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brad Neff Photography (Brad Neff Photography) Fri, 18 Jul 2014 16:01:00 GMT Fri, 18 Jul 2014 16:01:00 GMT Brad Neff Photography: Blog 120 96 Meg and Chad's Wedding - July 12, 2014 Meg and Chad were married on Saturday at the 2nd Baptist Church in Richmond, VA.   It was a special day for me (not just because I was THE PHOTOGRAPHER) because I've known Meg for about 5 years.  She and I have been volunteers at Prevent Child Abuse Virginia where she's devoted a lot time, and talent, to support children's issues.   And luckily, was able to meet Chad at PCAV events through Meg.

So when two really great people decide get married...yes, that's Meg and Chad.  Luckily I was so busy capturing as many "moments" as I could - otherwise I might have gotten a little "weepy" :o)

A big thank you to Meg and Chad for allowing me to be part of their day - it was a honor!




Attendees were given Wine made by the Mother of the Bride - Nancy White. That is talent!












Fete Studio provided the Wedding Planning and helped me stay on schedule for all the big moments.  Wendy Wyne and Ainsley Davis were a real pleasure to work with.  I'm in their debt for all the support they provided.



You know it was an amazing Wedding when the beautiful bride shares the last song with the band!  Meg and Chad know how to throw a party.   And it didn't hurt that they chose the Rice House for their Reception - what a great setting.






Best of luck to The Montgomerys!   (but I don't think they'll need it)


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Neghborhood walk (with my Ricoh GR) Finally, a day that didn't cause me to sweat on the way to the mailbox!

I am supposed to be walking everyday (for our dog's health, and mine).  Aren't we all?

Today it was gorgeous weather so I got motivated by taking my camera.

Now, if only these flowers and crepe myrtles were in my yard...





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All gave some, some gave All Veterans Day Review at Benedictine College Prep


The title of this week's post was from the speech given to the Cadets on Friday.  Veterans, Alumni, and Parents were invited to see the Cadets in "formation" as well as hear a message from a guest speaker.  Stories about former cadets and their achievements were shared and, unfortunately, former students who lost their lives serving their country.   "All gave some, some gave all".



Interesting facts shared about the number of Cadets who are now attending the US Military Academies, VMI as well as ROTC programs at State Universities.










You can't help but feel inspired when you see all those young men in uniform being "reviewed" by BCP's faculty as well as the Veterans who were in attendance (a neat tradition I think).







I'm starting to see the appeal that this experience (Benedictine) has for Jacob.  He's a sophomore (but his 1st year at BCP) and already talking about which options interest him the most.   "No question" he says in terms of attending a college with an ROTC program.   He's in the Color Guard carrying the Virginia Flag below.




As you can imagine, this is not your average High School experience.  Grateful that he chose this as "what he wanted"


      I've always appreciated Veterans Day but I don't think it's ever held the meaning

  that is does now.



   Thank you Veterans!                                   

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Sometimes my favorite photos are... Looking through the Football galleries this week I discovered something that really surprised me.  Most of my "favorite" shots were NOT during the game.   It's amazing what you can see when you look around.  Valuable reminder the next time you have your camera.  

This Fall I've taken over 6,000 photos of Sandlot Football.  I don't charge anything for the 400-500 "keepers" that I send out after each week's game because it's my way of "helping the Team". (please don't tell the Photographer's Union about that).  Plus, I've learned more about photography doing this than I would have in many classroom settings.

I've tried to capture every handoff, tackle, pass and catch because I know how much the players enjoy seeing themselves in action.  And the reaction from the parents when they get their pictures each week reminds of why I do this.  Plus, when you have ADD like i do, it's not like I could sit still in the bleachers for two hours.  :o)

Just a few of my favorites...

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Scenic Architecture of Charleston, SC A carriage ride through downtown Charleston is a great way to learn about it's history.  Many influences over the past 300+ years have shaped today's "Holy City" such a unique place - the early English and Spanish settlers, Pre and Post Civil War reconstruction, a major earthquake in 1886, and in 1989 a Category 4 Hurricane named HUGO.

As Charleston was our home in 1989, I remember the destruction to the City and surrounding communities.  Obviously a week or two without power and water (and the loss of our "Anniversary Cake" that melted in the freezer) was minor in comparison.

A brief History

Post HUGO images,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1113&bih=704&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=rQ8KUJrzKaHc0QGyv93fAw

But if you REALLY want a history lesson, please ask for Myron at Palmetto Carriage Tours.  We had a private carriage ride (for 4) and not only got some great pictures but learned a lot about the city that we had either forgotten, or never learned while we were living here.

Did you know:

  • The Civil War was started when shots were fired "at" Fort Sumpter, not "from" it?
  • All porches in the City face South to block the hottest sun of the day (only practiced here)
  • Some of the "newer" homes in the City are over 200 years old

Without a doubt, Charleston (especially when we stay in Kiawah!) is our favorite place to visit.




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Sunrise and Sunset in Kiawah, SC Ok, who doesn't look forward to vacation week, right?

Over the last few years "vacation" has taken on new meaning - a chance to practice my photography in some very cool locations.  

The Beach offers so many places to photograph, it's hard to work them all in.

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